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Premium+ Members can make compliance a snap with our RCOA+ program. No more sleepless nights wondering if you've done everything correctly - just take a look at the details below!

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Customized, Digital State and Office Specific Manual

As a Premium or Premium+ Member you will have a customized manual for your State as well as your office.  After filling out a few surveys online Tools Of Practice will build your manual for your State specifics as well as for your practice.  The best part, it is digital so no bulky manuals to collect dust in the office!

Secure Web Page

You will have your own personal and secure web page with YOUR RCOA program that can be viewed at any time.  Need a hard copy, no problem. Download and print out when ever you like!

Updates & Changes  

We handle any updates and changes from your office.  We also handle updating your manual for any Federal and State changes. 

Monthly Phone Call Check-In Audits (Premium+ Members)

As a Premium+ member office, we will call the person that you designate as your compliance contact each month. A follow up email will be sent with a summary of the audit phone call and tasks. 

Dedicated Compliance Support

As a Privilege Member you already have a dedicated email for reliable, quick support from our experts. The RCOA program includes a separate and dedicated email for your compliance contact! 

Federal & State Exclusion Lists

We will have your providers, staff and business name reviewed monthly through the mandated Federal and State lists of Excluded Individuals & Entities.

RCOA+ In Action

We will review all reports, Business Associate Agreements, forms, logs, receipts, training, and more for completeness and follow through with the program. 

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